More Amazing Faculty

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More Amazing Faculty

You can see Colorado State University’s influence in every corner of the globe. Whether it’s life-bringing irrigation systems in Egypt, high-yield wheat varieties in Europe, climate-change research in Antarctica, or our translational research that’s helping cure cancer in animals and humans, CSU’s discoveries are making the world a better place.

V. Chandrasekar

Professor of Mechanical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Chadraseka (Chandra) has made pioneering contributions in the area of polarimetric radar observations of the atmosphere. He has extensive experience in radar system design and radar network development. He helped develop the CASA IP-1 system, an early-detection system for tracking tornadoes. He is one of 12 University Distinguished Professors at CSU.

Stephanie Clemons

Professor of Interior Design

Dr. Clemons is a Fellow of the American Society of Interior Designers. Her teaching methods have won wide acclaim, and she was named one of 12 University Distinguished Teaching Scholars at CSU.

Rosemond Desir

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Dr. Desir’s work in CSU’s highly regarded Department of Accounting has been widely published. His successful career in the private sector before becoming a teacher give him a unique perspective that students respect: He was a 2014 Best Teacher award winner.

Chris Fisher

Associate Professor of Archaeology

Dr. Fisher is one of the world’s foremost experts on Central American archaeology. His work harnessing LiDAR technology in archaeology helped reveal a previously undiscovered major city in Mexico, and his is part of a team hoping to discover the legendary Cuidad Blanco in Honduras.

Susan LaRue

Professor of Radiation Oncology

Dr. LaRue is at the forefront of translational cancer research. As director of CSU’s Radiation Oncology Service at the James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital she works with the Trilogy Stereotactic System to treat veterinary patients.

Jan Leach

Professor of Plant Pathology

Dr. Leach is an authority on the molecular biology of plant/pathogen interactions and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Her research not only has produced rice plants that are more disease-resistant, it also has created rice varieties that produce twice the seed and more biomass than wild rice. She is one of 12 University Distinguished Professors.

Karolin Luger

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dr. Luger is a renowned authority on nucleosome structure, which is the basic unit for compacting the human genome. Her research focuses on the structure, function, and assembly of the nucleosome, using a wide variety of biophysical approaches. Her work is now cited in nearly every modern textbook of biochemistry and molecular biology. She is one of 12 University Distinguished Professors at CSU.

Wayne McIlwraith

Professor of Equine Science

Dr. McIlraith is a leading expert on equine orthopaedic research and surgery. He has been a surgical consultant around the world, and is a pioneer in the use of arthroscopic surgery in horses. His discoveries have also provided new insights for orthopaedic advances in human medicine. He is one of 12 University Distinguished Professors at CSU.

June Medford

Professor of Biology

Dr. Medford applies cutting edge technology of synthetic biology to understand basic aspects about plants and develop new types of plants and plant traits useful for society. Her research produced plants that can serve as highly specific detectors for environmental pollutants and explosives. The technology can be used in environmental protection and homeland security.

Jennifer Nyborg

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dr. Nyborg has done extensive research on how the basic unit that tightly packages DNA into chromosomes, known as a nucleosome, unfolds and disassembles to expose genes that give cells their biological traits. Her primary focus is on human T-cell leukemia virus, which impacts millions worldwide.

Ian Orme

Professor of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology

Dr. Orme is a renowned expert on the understanding and treatment of tuberculosis, the world’s most devastating bacterial disease. His research has led to numerous breakthroughs, raised awareness about the disease and helped slow its progress in the United States. He is one of 12 University Distinguished Professors at CSU.

Lori Peek

Associate Professor of Sociology; Director, Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis

Dr. Peek studies vulnerable populations in disaster, with a special emphasis on the experiences of low-income families, racial and ethnic minorities, women, and children. Her work in the Gulf Coast region after Hurricane Katrina has been widely praised. She is the author of “Behind the Backlash: Muslim Americans after 9/11” and co-editor of “Displaced: Life in the Katrina Diaspora.”

Amy Prieto

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Prieto is Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of Prieto Battery, Inc., a CSU spinoff formed to produce and market fast-charging, lithium-ion batteries. Her work won her a Presidential Early Career Award in 2012, and she was given a National Science Foundation Career Award in 2010.

Robin Reid

Professor of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

Dr. Reid’s work in East Africa to understand the delicate balance between tribal grazing traditions and ecosystem sustainability has received wide acclaim. She has done extensive research in Africa, Mongolia, Latin America and the western U.S. She is director of CSU’s Center for Collaborative Conservation.

Jorge Rocca

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Rocca is a world-renowned expert on laser technology. He won the 2012 Willis E. Lamb Award for Laser Science and Quantum Optics by Physics of Quantum Electronics, and the 2011 Arthur L. Schawlow Prize in Laser Science from the American Physical Society. He is one of 12 University Distinguished Professors at CSU.

Tom Rovis

Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Rovis was named an Arthur C. Cope Scholar by the American Chemical Society in 2013. His primary research centers on creating complex molecules with carbon-carbon bonds, which can help speed the discovery of cures for cancer and other complex diseases.

Martin Shields

Professor of Economics

Dr. Shields is director of the Regional Economics Institute. He is a renowned regional economist, producing annual economic forecasts on the regional and state levels.

Bryan Willson

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Willson is the founder and co-director of CSU’s  Energy Institute and the Engines and Energy Conversion Lab, named by Popular Science as one of 25 “Most Awesome College Labs.” Willson also co-founded Envirofit International, which produced clean-burning cookstoves and a retrofit kit for two-stroke engines that have greatly reduced air pollution in developing countries.

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