B is for Better

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B is for Better


by Tom Milligan

I have been known, on occasion, to hop on my bike and go for a long ride on the hills and trails surrounding Fort Collins.

And, on occasion, I have also been known to make a stop or two during these rides at some of the amazingly good craft breweries in our town, many conveniently located right along the bike trails. Never mind the naysayers who claim stopping for beer defeats the purpose of going on a long ride. That depends on what you think the purpose is.

And, since both of my sons are now driving age, and school and sports chauffeur is no longer in my job description, I have also been known to attend a concert or 20, often riding my bike to the show!

So, that brings me to my topic: The trinity of B’s. Fort Collins is the single best place for Beers, Bikes and Bands – we get an “A” in the “B’s.” And I would argue that the spirit and creativity that this trinity of B’s, and the people who love them, bring to our town makes us different. Special. Yes, let’s add a fourth B – Better.

Fort Collins is not nirvana (another great band, by the way). We have serious issues like affordable and attainable housing and homelessness that are becoming increasingly challenging. Our regional transportation infrastructure needs attention, and diversity and inclusion issues will require thoughtful, concerted effort to make sure our town is a great place for all the people who live, work, study and play here. Add to these challenges the stresses that come from living in a popular, beautiful place, and you can see the understandable, but often self-defeating, inclination of people to resist any change.

But even with all of this, I like the way people in our community have a sincere interest in working together. I like our chances, as a community, of making progress while maintaining what made us special in the first place. This magazine was intended to draw upon the many ways we at CSU are trying to make our campus and our community better, the many ways we are building for a brighter future and working hard to maintain the kinds of real and lasting relationships with the city and the people of Fort Collins that will make us all better.

Going forward, as we try our best to deal with the issues of the day, I’d like to encourage my fellow residents of Fort Collins and members of the CSU community, and all of you who remember your time here fondly, not to get bogged down in what we aren’t, but to try to use what we are, together, to get better. Go on a long bike ride. Stop in for a beer. Check out a band. I’ll see you there!

Tom Milligan and his Rams-themed bike


Tom Milligan

FAVORITE BIKE RIDE STOPS: New Belgium, Odell Brewing, Horse and Dragon, Prost, Funkwerks, and, of course, one of the best beer bars in the country, The Mayor of Old Town


Slow Caves, Brent Cowles, Post Paradise, Porlolo, Gasoline Lollipops, Edison, Whippoorwill


Between FoCoMX and Bohemian Nights, I’d say we have two of the best festivals in the country!

CLOSING NOTE: My role as Vice President for External Relations is not changing, but I have asked my friend and colleague Cara Neth to step into the role of publisher of the CSU Magazine, and to bring her amazing writing and editing skills to the task.

She’ll do a great job, and I’m excited to see what she does with what I hope you agree is a great publication!

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