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Class Notes

*Indicates member of the Alumni Association


HOWARD GASKILL (’61) completed his third season as an AARP volunteer tax preparer, assisting low- to moderate-income seniors with their finances.

*DOROTHY A. RUTH (’68) became president of Colorado P.E.O. on June 5, 2016, at the Colorado State P.E.O. Convention held in Loveland.


*PERRY GOORMAN (’73) became secretary of the Scottsdale Bar Association for the 2016-2017 year, having previously served as treasurer.

BOB JOHNSTON (’79) joined Central Life Sciences as a new regional sales manager on its Specialty Agriculture sales team.


BRIAN MARTINSON (’82) received the U.S. Department of Justice “Sustained Superior Performance” award concurrent with his retirement.

TERESA ANDERSEN (’83) has accepted the position of manager at corporate laboratory processes with Smithfield, Packaged Meats Division.

SCOTT SHATTUCK (’83) has been appointed the associate dean of the College of Fine Arts at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas. He is also the co-author (with Louis E. Catron) of the college-level theater directing textbook The Director’s Vision, second edition.

MICHAEL GACNIK (’84) is serving as the president of Precision Litho, an RR Donnelley Company, and values his Colorado and Colorado State University experiences to drive his success in his current state of California. He served six summers in the Youth Conservation Corps in Rocky Mountain National Park, helped organize a reunion for YCC volunteers at the park’s centennial, helped establish Root2Branch, and volunteers to encourage sustainability in Colorado, California, and throughout the nation.

PATRICK BREDEHOFT (’86) is ranked in the Chambers USA 2016 legal directory by Chamber & Partners among “Leaders in their Field.”

HEIDI J. SHEAHAN (B.S., ’87; D.V.M., ’90) has been certified as a diplomate by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners specializing in Canine and Feline Practice, which involved a long, brutal testing process.


MARK G. HANEY (’91) was recently appointed senior vice president, chief advancement officer at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo.

STEPHEN J. JACOBSON (’91), a partner in Pennsylvania special education law firm Jacobson & John LLP, has been named among the 2016 Super Lawyers.

MARY ANDRE (B.S., ’93; M.S., ’99) is the American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado’s 2016 Outstanding Woman in Engineering.

CHRISTINA BOYD (’94), a Merrill Lynch financial adviser based in Wayzata, Minn., has been recognized by Barron’s magazine as the top financial adviser in the state of Minnesota and was recently listed in the Financial Times Top 400 Financial Advisers list.

SCOTT SKOGERBOE (’94) received the American Horticultural Society’s 2016 Paul Ecke Jr. Commercial Award, which recognizes individuals’ or companies’ excellence in the commercial horticulture field.


JESSICA PEARSON (’03) celebrated the one-year anniversary of her business, Path Nutrition, on July 6.

JENNIFER COHEN WEST (’04) graduated from the Texas Tech University Medical School and will conduct her residency training at Vanderbilt University as an emergency medicine physician.

TIM LINDER (’07) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture was recently named Rabies Wildlife Biologist of the Year.

QUILL PHILLIPS (’09) joined the Community College of Aurora as special assistant to the president for diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence and chairs the college’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council.

In Memoriam

*Indicates member of the Alumni Association


*Carl W. Johnson (’41)

*Betty Anne Husted (’42)

Leo K. Cummins (’43)

*Almeda Grace Hittle (’43)

*Henry L. Holmberg (’43)

*Helen K. Danielson (’44)

Marjorie K. Dickie (’44)

*Barbara E. Phipps (’45)

*Lester D. Clark Jr. (’48)

Mary L. Winkler (’49)


*Dr. Eugene S. Aby (D.V.M., ’50)

Oscar C. Long (’50)

*Lewis E. Mathews (’50)

David M. Minister Jr. (’50)

*Fred H. Petersen (’50)

Dr. Danniel S. Dennis (D.V.M., ’51)

Joseph A. Gibson (’51)

Dean E. Brunner (’52)

John V. Brewer (’53)

Joseph B. Clithero (B.S., ’53; M.S., ’68)

*Larry R. Birdsall (’54)

Joan R. Dybing (’54)

Edgar W. Lock (’54)

Dr. Donald T. Marden (B.S., ’54; D.V.M., ’61)

Barbara J. Kerr (’55)

Noboru Matsuda (’55)

*Robert M. Ryan (’55)

*Carol A. Broughton (’56)

James W. Coleman (’56)

Frankalee R. Hull (’56)

Theodore W. Speiser, Ph.D. (’56)

Dr. George L. Beckvermit Jr. (B.S., ’57; D.V.M., ’59)

Bob L. Mathers (’57)

Kamal R. Toma (’57)

Charles H. Boren (’58)

Harvey Y. Suetsugu (’58)

Donald G. Christoffersen (’59)

Dale F. Holderman (’59)

*Alfred W. Renzelman (’59)

*Robert L. Vitera (’59)

Robert E. Westergren (’59)


Edward H. Tharp (’60)

Lorne W. West (’60)

*Dorothy M. Ring (’61)

*Gerald I. Connor (B.S., ’62; M.S., ’66)

Richard A. Hospers (’62)

John Leonard Bates (’63)

Jerome J. Cebula (B.S., ’63; M.S., ’67)

John Richard Durrett (’63)

*Charles P. Hibler, Ph.D. (Ph.D., ’63)

Russell L. Krech (M.Ed., ’63)

Michael R. Pierce (’63)

*Melvin L. Potts, Ph.D. (Ph.D., ’63)

John W. Frederick (’64)

Ronald R. Jaynes (’64)

Robert W. Larson (’65)

Kendall L. Johnson, Ph.D. (Ph.D., ’66)

James G. Loftness (’66)

*David J. Van Lanen (’66)

*Jonathan O. Carlson, Ph.D. (’68)

Scott R. Emlong (CERT, ’68; B.S., ’68)

Gary Fritz (’68)

Sharon Ann Held (’69)

Bruce W. Jordan (’69)

*Mark A. Kareus (’69)

*Diane S. Lau (’69)

Eva M. Muir (M.A.T., ’69)

*Norma J. Lindsey, Ph.D. (Ph.D., ’69)


*Stephen E. Burr (’70)

Norman G. Dinges, Ph.D. (Ph.D., ’70)

Harold J. Greenlee (’70)

*Albert O. Meier (’71)

Dr. Lyle L. Scott (B.S., ’71; D.V.M., ’76)

Donald M. Turner (’71)

James W. Wildman (’71)

John B. Schofield (’72)

*Samuel C. Schroeder (’72)

*Dr. Dominic F. Vecchia, Ph.D. (B.S., ’72; Ph.D., ’89)

Mohammad T. Chaudhry, Ph.D. (Ph.D., ’73)

Melvin E. Falk (M.A.T., ’73)

Dr. James R. Adams (B.S., ’74; D.V.M., ’76)

Beverly A. Freese-Wheeler (’74)

John N. Juenemann (CERT, ’74; B.E., ’74)

Charles A. Brown (’75)

Joan M. Gehle (M.Ed., ’75)

*Irwin L. Jess (’75)

Richard J. Pierce (B.E., ’75; M.Ed., ’77)

James L. Dowling (’76)

*Floyd W. Jorgensen (M.Ed., ’76)

Dr. Craig W. Miller (D.V.M., ’76)

Harold E. Bouchard (’77)

Brian W. Claybourn (’77)

Vivian W. Brockman-Swenson (M.Ed., ’78)

Ernest G. Daniels (’78)

Denise H. Guigli (’78)

Katherine A. East (’79)

Jeanne C. French (’79)


Timothy F. Latourette (’80)

David A. Hahn (’81)

Ronald A. Bevans (’83)

Robin D. Sloan (’83)

*Victor L. Wyly III (’85)

Veronica L. Hernandez (’86)

Patricia A. Sliger (’88)

Bradley J. Chapman (’89)


Wietse Gerhard Wullink (’90)

Laurie L. Walters, L. AC. (M.S., ’91)

Dr. Jacqueline W. Cowan (D.V.M., ’92)

Lee M. Hillard (’93)

Timothy C. Sullivan (’93)

Richard S. Hines (’94)

Frederick K. Clark (M.A., ’97)


Jessica D. Holt (M.A., ’00)

Ellen M. Caulfield (’02)

Dr. Lance W. Gorrindo (D.V.M., ’04)


*Sarah J. Miller (’14)


Ashley M. Doolittle

David W. Kelly

Kenneth E. Matzner


William M. Gray, Ph.D.

Richard G. Israel, Ph.D.

Rodney D. Peterson, Ph.D.

Elmar R. Reiter

Thomas Sutherland, Ph.D.

Friends of the University

Catherine Abeyta

Jaralee Aby

Jodie B. Bell

Richard A. Bessen, Ph.D.

Dorene M. Buol

Vera K. Corey

Mary G. Dieterich

Lynne O. Epplestone

Laura B. Fixman, M.D.

Beth J. Fowler

Robert E. Froehlich, Ph.D.

Mary B. Godden

Roger B. Grau

Marian L. Jackson Pond

Karen Strohm Kitchener

Louella J. Kulhanek

Thomas M. Landauer

Connie S. Lane

Kenneth A. Larson, D.V.M.; Ph.D.

Donald S. Marizza

John P. Murray

Hazel M. Nobe

Richard R. Oversteg

JoAnn Pedersen

Kenneth E. Peper

Geneva J. Rouse

Daniel W. Sheldon

Mary Shoop

JoElla Stanley

Clarice L. Stetter

Louise E. Stitzel

Verna M. Zander


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