At the end of June, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision regarding the use of race in the college admissions process. CSUI President Amy Parsons’s statement regarding the decision reads, in part:

Here at CSU, the court’s decision will not affect the undergraduate admissions process we have had in place for decades. CSU’s process assesses the student holistically through a wide range of factors, including personal experiences and academic achievements. At CSU, a public land-grant university, no qualified student is turned away from earning a world-class 4-year degree.

Our approach has resulted in an increasingly diverse and talented undergraduate student body. In fact, last fall we welcomed our largest ever incoming class of more than 5,700 students. We are extremely proud that a full 28% of these students are from diverse backgrounds, 25% are first-generation students, and 60% are Colorado residents with several hundred students coming from rural communities. Enrolling students with a broad range of skills, perspectives, life experiences, and identities is part of our access mission, and it enriches our community.

As of Aug. 1, 2023, CSU has eliminated the undergraduate application fee for Colorado residents.