Enjoy Responsibly

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Enjoy Responsibly

By Andrea Coryell, MS, Assistant Director, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Colorado State University

CSU COLLABORATES with campus and community partners to create a community that fosters optimal student well-being, which includes a healthy relationship with alcohol. For some students, this means choosing to not drink; for others, it means learning to set limits and recognizing when drinking impacts academic or life goals. CSU supports students at both ends of this continuum, and everywhere in between – while also recognizing that this relationship with alcohol may change throughout a student’s academic career. We subscribe to a three pronged-approach that emphasizes education, sound policy and consistent enforcement, and creating an environment that supports and encourages healthy decisions around alcohol. In practice, this includes strategies like party registration for off-campus students; a wide variety of alcohol- free activities; campus policy that encourages students to call for help in an alcohol or drug-related emergency; regular party patrols by Fort Collins Police Services; substance-free living options in the residence halls; and peer education programs in which students share alcohol information through interactive, creative programming, to name a few.

To learn more about CSU’s comprehensive approach to alcohol education, please contact Andrea Coryell at andrea.coryell@colostate.edu.

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