“So when CSU called, he was well prepared for the challenge that faced him in Fort Collins. The first step was to inject some imagination into an offense which had been dreadfully dull.”

– John Facenda, speaking about the first year of coach Sarkis Aslanian in a 1977 CSU football recruiting video

Those words were about Coach “Sark,” who coached the Rams from 1973 until 1981. But they could easily apply to new CSU coach Jay Norvell, who brings the “Air Raid” offense from Reno to Fort Collins. The video is just one slide of the timeline below featuring highlights from the 130-year history of football at Colorado State University.

From the star-crossed life of Eddie Hanna, the legend of “Fum” McGraw and the undeniable grit of Greg Myers (the three players honored with their numbers below the press box at Canvas Stadium), the timeline and videos give a brief history lesson about CSU’s star players, coaching greats Harry Hughes and Sonny Lubick and the key events that celebrate Rams football. Enjoy!