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As part of his commitment to move Colorado State University forward in all its dimensions, President Tony Frank has set a goal that CSU will become the best university in the country for women to work and study.

The University’s leadership team is more diverse than ever in its history, and a group of seasoned, experienced women leaders already oversees central operational and academic areas of the University. Women are also leading the University as change agents, and their work has helped make Colorado State the most sustainable campus in the country – and home to the nation’s top campus social media team. In a photo shoot that was marked by both its efficiency and its sense of camaraderie, we were able to showcase a cross-section of the women who are helping to shape Colorado State’s future today.

DR. CORI WONG (B.A., ’08; Ph.D., ’13) Director of the Women and Gender Collaborative and faculty member, Ethnic Studies

DR. JAN NERGER Dean, College of Natural Sciences

DR. JODIE HANZLIK Dean, Graduate School

DR. MARY STROMBERGER (Ph.D., ’00) Chair, Faculty Council and Professor of Soil and Crop Sciences

KRISTI BOHLENDER (B.A., ’93; M.B.A., ’95) Executive Director, CSU Alumni Association

DR. TONI ZIMMERMAN University Distinguished Teaching Scholar and Professor of Human Development and Family Studies

TONI-LEE VINEY (B.A., ’06; M.A. ’08) Chair, Administrative Professional Council

MARY ONTIVEROS (B.S., ’73; M.E.D., ’79) Vice President for Diversity

DR. KELLY LONG (B.A., ’79; CERT, ’79; M.A., ’92) Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs

KIMBERLY STERN (B.A., ’06; M.B.A. ’13) Director of Digital and Social Media

LYNN JOHNSON Vice President for University Operations

MONICA RIVERA (M.A., ’12) Director, Women and Gender Advocacy Center

KRISTIN STEPHENS (B.A., ’95) Vice Chair, Classified Personnel Council

DR. NANCY LEVINGER (B.A., ’83; Ph.D., ’90) University Distinguished Teaching Scholar and Professor of Chemistry

DANIELA PINEDA-SORACA (’18) President, Associated Students of Colorado State University

DR. JODY DONOVAN (B.S., ’86; M.A. ’88) Asst. Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

DR. SUE VANDEWOUDE (B.S., ’82; D.V.M., ’86) Assoc. Dean for Research/ Graduate Education, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

DR. CARIDAD SOUZA Director of the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research

TONIE MIYAMOTO (M.S. ’03) Communications Director for Student Affairs and co-chair of the President’s Sustainability Committee

KATHAY RENNELS Associate Vice President for Engagement

DR. BLANCHE HUGHES (M.E.D., ’84; Ph.D., ’95) Vice President for Student Affairs

DR. SUE JAMES (B.S., ’89; Ph.D., ’93) Prof. /Head. Dept. of Mechanical Engineering; Chair, President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity

DR. ERICA SUCHMAN University Distinguished Teaching Scholar and Professor of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

DR. KATHY SISNEROS Asst. Vice President for Student Affairs, which oversees Student Diversity Programs and Services

JEN FISHER (B.S., ’97; M.E.D., ’16) Head Coach, Rams softball

DIANA PRIETO Executive Director, Human Resources and Equal Opportunity