MOVE-IN: 2016

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MOVE-IN: 2016

The week before classes start in the fall is always filled with excitement on the Colorado State University campus, for first-year students and returning upperclassmen, parents, faculty and staff alike. CSU communications staff tried to capture the energy of Move-In Week 2016 in a special series of stories, including in-depth looks at important issues, emailed to campus every day.

Ram Welcome keeps students on the go

Ram Welcome provides new CSU students the opportunity to explore academic programs, meet faculty and staff, learn about the many services available to support their college experience, become part of the campus community, connect with new and current students, learn traditions, and discover what it means to be a CSU Ram. (Read more)

Advice to the newest Rams

Watch as CSU upperclassmen pass along pearls of wisdom to new students. With move-in week in full swing, they shared some knowledge that helped them survive — and will probably help you, too. (Watch the video)

Record number of students living on campus

Between residence halls and on-campus apartments, the estimated total of CSU students living on campus is 7,850, a record number. (Read more)

Evolution of student housing

Today, CSU offers a rich campus living experience for students of all ages, ranging from the typical freshman to students of every description: older, married (with or without children), and those who have traveled across half the world to attend the university. This change has been intentional, part of a campaign to encourage students to live on campus to help accommodate projected enrollment growth.(Read more)

Bold experiment behind campus transformation

While a buzz of construction activity continues, it’s a different landscape that greets returning students. CSU is now more than halfway through the $700 million, three-year building boom that is transforming campus and creating exciting new spaces for living, learning, and discovery.(Read more)

Decade of change

Colorado State University has grown and evolved tremendously since the founders first envisioned the state’s land-grant college in 1870, and each decade has contributed to the footprint of today’s campus. (Read more)

The History Keepers

Buildings and recorded events give an “official” perspective, but it’s people’s experiences that shape history and culture. Meet three retirees dedicated to keeping the history of CSU alive. (Read more)

Re-Envisioning the future

In the year since Colorado State President Tony Frank challenged the campus community to “Re-Envision CSU,” hundreds of faculty, students and staff have shared their ideas for the future of the University. (Read more)

A hard look at affordable housing

Compared to the increase in the Colorado State University student population, the city of Fort Collins’ growth has skyrocketed — over twice the growth rate of CSU since 1970. Competition for available places to live has increased as well, driving up prices for both renters and buyers. (Read more)

Community welcome promotes neighborly interacations

Every year, CSU and the city collaborate to foster positive community relations between new students and long-term residents of Fort Collins. More than 200 volunteers visit more than 2,000 of the residences that surround the CSU campus and chat with neighbors about various topics. (Read more)

Johnson looks to solve the parking puzzle

Parking on campus may be a popular topic of discussion, but it’s not often a celebrated one. While it may seem straightforward, it’s a confounding soup of demand, supply, funding models, parking models, car counts, proximity, access, consultant studies, permit fee rates, enforcement, campus land-use planning, and best industry practices. (Read more)

Employee councils, ASCSU leaders set priorities for year ahead

As campus readies for the start of a new academic year, the leadership of the employee councils and ASCSU are taking the long view. The chairs of the three employee councils and the incoming president of ASCSU and gave us insight about what’s on their top-of-mind for the year ahead. (Read more)

Parental leave for grad assistants a reality

To provide graduate assistants who become parents with additional time off to adjust to their new family situation, CSU has implemented a Graduate Assistant Parental Leave Policy, effective Fall semester 2016. The policy grants eligible graduate assistants three to six weeks of paid leave. (Read more)

Research opportunities for undergraduates abound

Undergraduates who are involved in research typically have higher academic performance, higher rates of retention, higher rates of entry into graduate and professional schools, and are more successful as first-year employees. (Read more)

Community for Excellence drives student access and success

CSU has developed a first-of-its-kind program: The Community for Excellence helps students to succeed throughout their years of study and ultimately to graduation. (Read more)

Diversity programs enrich student experience

The various offices of CSU’s Student Diversity Programs and Services provide a setting where students are able to grow and expand their horizons by participating in, and contributing to, the university’s diverse environment — and perhaps find their home away from home. (Read more)

New students welcomed with tradition

After spending the day moving in, unpacking and settling in at their residence halls, new students were treated to a night of Ram tradition. The newest Rams, charged up on school spirit and wearing identical “For-Ever-Green” T-shirts, spilled out of Convocation in Moby Arena and onto the Intramural Fields for the Alumni Association’s annual Ram Welcome Picnic. (Read more)

Scenes from the week

This is what Move-In Week 2016 on the Colorado State campus looked like, through the lens of CSU photographer John Eisele. (Read more)