By Camille T. Dungy (University Distinguished Professor, Department of English) 

Guggenheim fellow and american book award winner Dungy recounts the seven-year odyssey to diversify her garden in the predominantly white community of Fort Collins as metaphor and treatise for how homogeneity threatens the future of our planet. (Simon and Schuster, 2023)


Ann Claycomb
(director of faculty recognition, College of Liberal Arts)

Jo, Abony, Ranjani, and Maia have each been cursed by the CEO of their workplace after he abused his power to prey on them. They are about to discover that they have power of their own. (Titan Books, 2023)

The Power of Positive: A Guide to Finding Your Purpose and Living Your Best Life

Peter T. Cook (M.B.A., ’14)

Packed with secrets for overcoming trauma, this self-help book offers healthy ways to heal, grow, and live your best life. (Hippo Jones Inc., 2023)

Sometimes the Beach

Ronald J. Fontenot (B.A., ’19)

A colorful, fun children’s book about different times at the beach with pre-K science concepts and vivid illustrations. (Independently published, 2023)

The Match and the Spark

Casey Bradley Gent (B.A., ’95)

A mother’s memoir recaps the harrowing journey from a life-threatening illness through transplant and recovery. (Armin Lear Press, 2023)

Coronavirus Reflections: Bitter or Better?

Larada Horner-Miller (B.A., ’86) 

Readers are invited to think about how the pandemic affected them and how they adapted. Winner of the 2022 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award in the body, mind, and spirit category. (Horner Publishing Co., 2021) 

My Own Worst Enemy: Understanding and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Sydney Jackson-Clockston (B.S., ’15)

This book empowers readers to take actionable steps toward tapping into their strengths and embracing their accomplishments and potential. (Independently published, 2023)

Turning Small Talk into Big Talk

Jan Janura (B.S., ’71)

The author helps readers move below the surface and experience deep, meaningful conversations that are not only interesting, but also life-changing. (Forefront Books, 2023)

Fire and Rain: California’s Changing Weather and Climate

Stephen La Dochy (M.S., ’69), co-author

This book shows how California’s weather and climate has drastically changed and what we can expect in the near future. (Springer, 2023)

Standing Dead

Margaret Mizushima (M.S., ’75)

The eighth installment of the award-winning Timber Creek K-9 mysteries. (Crooked Lane Books, 2023)

Stories of the American West: Vol. 1

Daniel Parliman (B.A., ’78; M.B.A., ’82), editor and co-author

This compilation includes three short stories by outfitter, cowboy, forest ranger, and rodeo star Rich Roy Thompson, with bonus material by his son, Robert, and greatnephew, Daniel. (Grizzly Creek Publishing, 2023)

Yeti in the Serengeti

Nancy Riley (B.S., ’78)

This illustrated children’s adventure story follows Ohm, a Yeti who detests Nepal’s heights, cold temperatures, and snow. When the journey to find a new place to live becomes difficult, he must decide whether to continue searching or return home. (Independently published, 2023) 

First Moments: Pregnancy Prayers and Ponderings 

Carolynn Scully (B.S., ’74)

A devotional-style book that takes family members on a prayer journey that lays the foundation for the baby’s spiritual growth. (CHB Media, 2022)

Taste the Sweetness Later: Two Muslim Women in America 

Connie Shoemaker (B.A., ’56; M.A., ’61) 

Informed by more than 200 hours of personal interviews, this 2020 Colorado Book Award winner shares the stories of two women living in the grip of murderous dictators. Shoemaker and her husband, Dr. F. Floyd Shoemaker (B.S.,’ 56), were editors of the Rocky Mountain Collegian in 1955-56. (Amity Bridge, 2018)

The Milner Bridge

Jefferson Williams (B.S., ’97) 

In Book 2 of Williams’ Lidia Underwood series, the president of the United States is left to make sense of what happened while those directly affected by “the events” try to pick up the pieces and either get on with their lives or search for the truth before it’s too late. (Independently published, 2021)