The Cape Doctor

E.J. Levy (Associate Professor Emerita, English)
Levy’s debut novel is inspired by the life of Dr. James Miranda Barry, who was born in Ireland, circa 1795, as Margaret Anne Bulkley and embraced a male identity to become a brilliant physician in Cape Town, South Africa. The Cape Doctor won the 2022 Colorado Book Award for Historical Fiction. (Little, Brown and Co., 2021)

Clinical Neuroscience for Communication Disorders

Margaret (Peggy) Blake (B.S.,’91), Co-Author
This textbook introduces the neurologic underpinnings of systems involved in communication and swallowing, from the nervous system to the anatomy of the head and neck, in a highly readable writing style. (Plural Publishing Inc., 2021)

Lulu How Do You? How Do You What? Be Good to Your Gut!

Janice Condon (B.S.,’64)
A graphic novel for children more than 8 years old on healthy/unhealthy food choices. (Independently published, 2021)

RATTLED: Crazy A** Stories of Extreme Resilience to Help You Go from Shook to Solid

Allison Dalvit (B.A.,’91), Co-Author
This book is for those who have been blind- sided by loss of financial security or stability, crushed by betrayal, con- fused by an unplanned trajectory, or recovering from a sudden death and/or gut-wrenching health decision. (BookBaby, 2021)

Positivity Now: Choosing Peace, Love, Harmony, and Joy

Jep Enck (M.S.,’92)
This book provides insights into the science of positive psychology and perspectives on how to increase your personal brand of positivity. (Independently published, 2020)

Colorado Day by Day

Derek Everett (M.A.,’03; Senior Instructor, History)
Everett presents vignettes for each day of the calendar year, exploring Colorado’s many facets through distilled tales of people, places, events, and trends. (University Press of Colorado, 2020)

Magician of Light: A Novel

J. Fremont (B.S., ’84; D.V.M., ’88)
This debut novel is an in-depth exploration of René Lalique’s adolescent years in Paris, his journey from student to leading glass manufacturer, and his real-life romance with Lucinda Haliburton. (She Writes Press, 2022)

A Very Lethal Intervention

Barry Hansen (B.S., ’73), PUBLISHED AS T.S. Knight
Against a background of climate change, Hudson and Jamie, software engineering and biophysics savants, develop an innovative, globally popular video game that gets away from them. (Independently published, 2022)

Whales, Sharks, and Other Tales: One Man’s Love Affair with the Ocean

Duane Harris (B.S., ’69)
A memoir detailing Harris’s 34-year career working with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the last 18 as director of coastal resources division. (Bowker, 2022)

Intimate Isolation: A Photographic Journey Through Nature

Jermey Janus (B.S., ’11)
Janus selected his 50 favorite shots taken across the American West, Canada, and New Zealand to create this colorful and vibrant nature photography book. (Jeremy Janus Photography, 2022)

Recipes of Life from Free Poker

Jay Jorgensen (M.B.A., ’98)
Friends Big Slick and Chief learn the game of Texas Hold-em by playing cash games and free poker nights and engage in funny and suspense-filled antics. (Independently published, 2022)

Building Something Better: Environmental Crises & the Promise of Community Change

Stephanie Malin (Associate Professor, Sociology), Co-Author
Showing that it is possible to challenge social inequality and environmental degradation by refusing to continue business-as-usual, Building Something Better offers both a call to action and a dose of hope in a time of crises. (Rutgers University Press, 2021)

Breakthrough: How to Overcome Doubt, Fear, and Resistance to Be Your Ultimate Creative Self

Todd Mitchell (B.A., ’01)
A new personal development book for writers, artists, and creators interested in enhancing their relationship with creativity. Selected as a finalist for the Feathered Quill Book Awards and Colorado Book Awards. (Owl Hollow Press, 2021)

Teaching Language Online:
A Guide for Designing, Developing and Delivering Online, Blended, and Flipped Language Courses

Kathryn Murphy-Judy (B.A., ’72; M.A., ’75), Co-Author
A compendium of best practices, research, and strategies for creating learner-centered online language instruction that builds students’ proficiency within meaningful cultural contexts. Murphy-Judy is professor emeritus from Virginia Commonwealth University. (Routledge, 2020)

Danger in the Rockies

Len Nasman (B.S., ’66; M.Ed., ’72; Ph.D., ’76)
Andrew, an outdoor magazine writer, and Jane, a naturalist, find romance and danger when a big-game poacher stops at nothing to prevent them from interfering with his pursuit of trophies in Rocky Mountain National Park. (Independently published, 2021)

Kisses by the Moon: Kissing and Hugging by Cyberspace

Tom Sherman (M.Ed., ’75) and Piper Nichols
Pictures illustrate a dialogue between a parent (or grandparent) and child who stay connected by passing hugs and kisses via the moon. Best shared by two readers. (Lettra Press LLC, 2022)

A Million Acres and Counting: Sold! Sold! Sold!

Scott Shuman (B.S., ’92)
Real estate auctions: what works, what doesn’t, and what to expect when selling your own property. (Shuman Land & Cattle LLC, 2021)

Rabies Positive: An Animal Doctor’s Memoirs

Jerry Simmons (M.S., ’73)
This collection of true stories about Simmons’ career includes one full chapter about his surgical residency at CSU’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital. (Independently published, 2021)

Rise up to Love: A Story of Redemption

Jill Phipps (B.A., ’92), Published as Jill Haymaker
A romance novel set high in the Colorado Rockies that explores what happens when you meet the child you gave up years ago. (Independently published, 2022)

In the Time of Madmen

Mark Prelas (B.S., ’75)
A story of struggle, heroism, and triumph during the rise of fascism and communism through the eyes of one family against world events of the past 125 years. (Amsterdam Publishers, 2022)

Dementia: A Son’s Story

John Radzienda (B.S., ’94)
This touching memoir describes the author’s experiences as his mother descends into the depths of dementia, becoming a shadow of her former self. (JFR Publishing, 2019)

Wyoming Singletrack:
A Mountain Bike Trail Guide

Jerimiah Rieman (B.S., ’01)
Full-color guidebook that details 97 routes covering more than 650 miles of Wyoming trails, from easy-going singletrack to backcountry adventures. (Fixed Pin Publishing, 2020)

Butterfly Inn

Nancy Derey Riley (B.S., ’78; M.S., ’80)
Told in fun rhyme with a refrain of a question and answer, an elementary school class learns about butterflies and their habitat at a local butterfly pavilion. (Rolling Prairie Publishing, 2022)

The Tenderest of Strings

Steven Schwartz (Professor Emeritus, English)
After moving from Chicago to the town of Welton, Colorado, a family struggles to stay together in the aftermath of an affair and a fatal hit-and-run. (Regal House Publishing, 2022)