From engineering to behavioral sciences, medical research to sustainability, bio-cybersecurity to animal welfare, Colorado State University researchers are advancing solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges.

$447.2 million

CSU shattered records for research expenditures in 2021, spending $447.2 million to acquire knowledge to protect people from disease, recover drought- and fire ravaged communities, and respond to the climate emergency.

Expenditures increased

The University’s total research expenditures grew by 10% in fiscal year 2021, more than triple the rate of the previous fiscal year. Over the past five years, research expenditures have increased by 35%. Most of the funds come from the federal government, with significant contributions from state government, nonprofits, and industry.

Expenditure Chart

Expenditures in millions

2018 – $374.90

2019 – $398.50

2020 – $407

2021 – $447.20

COVID-19 research

Across the institution awards for COVID-19 research totaled $35.5 million, $21.8 million since the start of the pandemic. As part of the effort, CSU is nearing clinical trials of a universal coronavirus vaccine, and has developed its own coronavirus test, with 200,000 samples collected to protect the campus community.

SOURCE: Colorado State University Office of the Vice President for Research