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Avocado with seed replaced by a photo of Earth from space

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Avocados not so ‘eco-cuddly’ after all

CSU researcher Jeffrey Miller says the 'water-hogging' fruit is now grown in all the wrong places to be environmentally friendly.

Geospatial Centroid Map

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Not your grandfather’s mapmaking

At its core, the Centroid uses geographic information systems, open-source programming languages, and other geospatial technologies to visualize and analyze data.

Pots Pans and cooking utensils


Cooking, cleaning, and indoor air quality

When you’re cooking or cleaning inside your home, what chemicals are you breathing, and are they potentially harmful? Colorado State University chemists have given us a solid start on the answer. A large, collaborative research experiment that attempted to map the airborne chemistry of a typical home took place in 2018 and was co-led by […]

Interacting with Impact Map


Mapping global research impact

The CSU Impact Map on the Spur Campus in Denver highlights where faculty, staff, students, and alumni are working to solve problems, support communities, and create impact in far-flung corners of the world.

Orange butterfly on purple flower

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CSU leads study of Colorado pollinators

CSU Extension will lead the Colorado Department of Natural Resources study on native pollinating insects to understand the effect they have on natural resources and how populations are changing across the state.

Francisco Ortega using VR

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Another record-breaking year for research spending

In the past fiscal year, CSU’s sponsored projects expenditures totaled $456.9 million, up about $10 million from the previous record of $447.2 million.

Darpa Forward Conference at CSU

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DARPA Forward conference comes to CSU Aug. 30-31

Colorado State University and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will host a two-day conference in Fort Collins on Aug. 30-31, the first such event in a series at six universities around the country.

Cannabinoid Research


Cannabinoid research center opens thanks to $1.5 million gift from alumna

Partnership supports research into health benefits of hemp products.