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Large round mechanism in a lab


Partnership to bring powerful laser research facility to CSU

A public-private partnership will support construction of a next-generation, high-power laser and fusion research facility on the CSU Foothills Campus.

Jud Harper

Faculty Profile

Jud Harper: Man for all seasons

Judson Harper's CSU legacy is unmatched: interim president, special assistant to the president, vice president for research, founder of the chemical and biological engineering department, and professor.

EV plans


Teaching what’s under the hood of EVs

Faculty receive $100,000 from CDOT to teach electric vehicle engineering, manufacturing, and high-voltage safety. 


Fermentation Science

How to engineer a beer

Father and son alums created a mutually beneficial connection that provides for experimentation and collaboration with CSU students and their team of engineers.

a beam of light and green glow are emitted from an activated laser

Breaking News

CSU partners on laser, fusion energy research facility

The $150 million venture creates a public-private partnership to support construction of a next-generation, high-power laser and fusion research facility on the CSU Foothills Campus.

Firefighters fighting a forest fire


Which buildings will survive a wildfire?

CSU engineers have developed a model that can predict how wildfire will impact a community, down to which buildings will burn.


Best Teachers

Best Teacher Awards 2023

Colorado State University students and alumni nominate teachers who have inspired them and made an impact on their lives.

Map of Ogallala Aquifer


Stewarding the Ogallala Aquifer

Drilling and pumping water from the aquifer exploded after World War II, and today, 90% of its pumped water is used for crop irrigation.

Historic photo of CSU students and faculty

Distinguished Alumni

Distinguished Alumni 2022

The Alumni Association honors those who have made significant contributions to their professions, communities, and the University.

Color-enhanced satellite image of the milky seas

Atmospheric Science

Glowing oceans from above and below

Scientists at CSU have observed the rare phenomenon of massive glowing areas of ocean known as milky seas, but only from satellites orbiting miles above the Earth. Now, for the first time, milky seas have been documented from the surface of the ocean and from space at the same time. In a paper in Proceedings […]